Google Pie Shop

Google Pie Shop

Creative Direction and Design

This was a dream job. I LOVE designing pop up spaces and the Pie shop combined incredible design with cool technology to deliver free pies or Google Home Mini’s to AFL fans at the MCG.
I was the Creative Director and designer on this project working with the immense production talent of Sense Group. I created every touch point from the mammoth build to the custom packaging and uniforms. So many beautiful details were explored. Moving conveyor belts dropped prizes to guests down neon slope shoots. A mix of corrugated polycarbonate and large checkerboard floors created a nostalgic Australian feeling like stepping into a cool country milk bar meets pie shop. The hero Google Mini’s chatted to guests about the football and rewarded them with a prize.
AFL fans literally young and old came through the shop over 2 days and the looks on their faces when they won was the best feeling in the world. Have to commend Google on creating such a cool moment for Aussie football fans and giving away so much love.
Too many favourite photos.
Event photography courtesy of Sense Group
Photography: Sam Venn
Client: YouTube
Agency: Sense Group


Our Place

Our Place

Interior Design, Creative Direction and Styling

The interior design transformed this ‘hole in the wall’ cafe into a cool destination spot where calm graphic greens softly clashed with vintage inspired florals, warm woods and organic muted tones. Custom made shelving and feature bar fascia.
Photography by Parker Blain
Client: Our Place
Agency: CCLane
Masterchef Pop Up Dining

Masterchef Pop Up Dining

Interior Design and Styling

An incredible job whilst designing for AZBcreative was the Masterchef Pop Up Dining experience. We were tasked to design a space that could not only ‘pop up’ at Circular Quay in Sydney but travel to Melbourne and ‘pop up’ again on top of the roof of crown casino.

We created a 2 level domed marquee with 12m long central hero kitchen that did 600 covers a night, a bar and VIP dining areas. The space was completely transformed into a luxurious, European style restaurant.
Guest on the mezzanine bar level could look down onto a gigantic geometric print floor I designed to perfectly frame the central kitchen. The design is modern, sleek and cool with a nod to the great european interior traditions. Carrara marble, vintage pendant lights, raw Oregon and vintage tiles. A space to excite fans of Masterchef the show but also engage foodies and the stylish Sydney & Melbourne crowds. Director Alex Zabotto Bentley’s vision was to create a pop up with a sense of luxury and permanence and that is exactly what we did.
Photos courtesy of AZBcreative
Agency: AZBcreative
Director: Alex Zabotto Bentley

This event was created whilst working in-house as Senior Designer at AZBcreative